On the light and time based work

All the things that happen from the light and time based work start from time that causes to touch senses and spirits of the others through their eyes in my work that realizes light as an existence.

To continue the quest for light and time, existence and life through video and photography is that the visual media is in the area of the quest for light and time and it is that the sense of sight causes to create imagination by all the other senses.

From the uncountable loss for every moment of to believe in light and live in time, the quest goes to be free from light and time to recognize existence and to discover light and time in life.

All existences are from nature that is never known where it is from, where it goes to as history has been always there in a drop of water. The quest for existence and life is on their inborn differences that create the unexplainable natural minds for each other.

The moment which can be experienced in my work is not what can be seen through the eyes. What can be seen in my work does not exist but it can be trusted through the eyes from the minds as always every single one can trust and be trusted by all the others.